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Trinity Church Profile 2022

Please note - our Church Profile is

currently under revision to include 2023

Living Eucharistically in an Age of Complaint

Trinity Anglican Church, Marysville, CA



Trinity Anglican Church is in historic Marysville, California in the northern part of the Sacramento Valley.  We are a traditional Anglican parish. We are blessed to have an associate priest, who currently acts as our temporary Rector, and two deacons leading our services. 

We hope to grow our congregation in size and age, especially in the youth sector. We purchased our church building over ten years ago and have remodeled it extensively for services, classes, and outreach. We already have a considerable outreach program with the local Freedom Home Hospice, and we sponsor a child in Brazil through Compassion International


We have Sunday school and Kids Ahead activities in place just waiting for youth. We enjoy celebrating the Holy Days as well as traditional Sunday services. Our members are enthusiastic, we love and respect each other, and find joy every day in serving our Lord!          



Trinity Anglican Church currently has approximately 40 members most of whom are predominantly middle class from the surrounding Marysville - Yuba City area. 

Trinity Anglican Church, Marysville, CA

Our membership is equally balanced between male and female with approximately 90% being of the retirement age of 60+.  The remaining 10% are younger adults under 35 years of age.  Our Leadership Team consists of nine people, six Vestry members and three Clergy members.



Church building was purchased in 2012 and extensively remodeled in 2013.  During the remodel process 1650 sq. ft. were added to the existing building resulting in a total square footage of 4670.  The interior was transformed from a social hall environment to the beautiful church we have now that includes a contemporary sanctuary with a large, elevated pulpit area and long prayer rail for communion services, a spacious fellowship hall, and two sizable classrooms for youth studies.

Trinity Anglican Church, Marysville, CA

Additionally, two large ADA compliant bathrooms, a pastoral office, and Sacristy area were also created, as well as installation of advanced audio-visual capability. Our current seating in the sanctuary is 74 with the capability to expand to 100 seats. The church has a large backyard that can be used for outdoor activities.  In all, our facility is well suited for our current and future growth needs.

Trinity Anglican Church, Marysville, CA
Trinity Church, Marysville, CA, USA



Trinity Anglican has one traditional Anglican Holy Communion service every week on Sunday starting at 10:00 AM PT, following the order found in the Book of Common Prayer (Anglican Liturgy Press 2019 edition) and The Revised Common Lectionary currently using an individual worship guide for each service which includes the hymns for the day in their places.

The officiating priest is assisted by a deacon and an acolyte, all wearing vestments in traditional colors, varying by season as appropriate. Lay readers rotate on schedule to read first lesson, responsive psalm and second lesson, with the deacon processing to read the gospel; all readings following the BCP Lectionary. In addition to the weekly Sunday service, Trinity has held miscellaneous services on holy days falling during midweek, also using the order of the BCP.  Trinity has an Associate Rector who assists in leading the Sunday worship service.

In-person services have been resumed following 2020 Covid-19 lock-down during which time Zoom Meetings via the internet were introduced.  These Zoom communion services were achieved by reverent distribution of elements to private homes for all to partake together during the service and congregational gatherings have been resumed without restriction. Sunday school is provided during the first part of the service then children return for the serving of communion.

Trinity Anglican like many other churches lost member attendance during the lock-down period, particularly in the children, adolescent, and younger age groups, and now needs to regain ‘lost ground’, re-establish itself and its revised ‘post-Covid’ identity. 



HOSPICE VOLUNTEERS - Church members provide volunteer palliative care for hospice patients working with the Freedom Home Health and Hospice Care Services organization in Marysville.


CHILDREN LIVING IN POVERTY - Trinity members support Christ focused childcare organizations that serve needy children throughout the world.  Currently, Trinity Church pledges monthly support to Compassion in Jesus’ Name and Lamb Institute in an effort to lift children up from poverty.


WEEKLY BIBLE STUDY -  Each week, Trinity hosts weekly Bible study classes for those interested in furthering their Christian education.


VETERANS SUPPORT - Church provides some support for various veterans’ activities, coordinated through our church members.


KIDS AHEAD - Christian education for young children, held in our church facility classrooms.


WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS - Published online and emailed to congregation members.



ANGLICAN. Trinity Anglican Church participates in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) which includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The ACNA in turn belongs to a worldwide body of Anglican provinces known colloquially as ‘GAFCON’:  Global Anglican Future Conference.  To learn more visit GAFCON Global Movement.


Anglicanism brings together the authority of the Bible, the historic faith, and the beauty of structured prayer.  It is rooted in a substantive tradition yet rich in diverse expression. We are a global family living out our faith in local communities. Trinity builds on five key values: Kingdom, Spirit, Conforming to Christ, Mission, and Sacrament.



ECUMENIAL. “The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) has many partners in ministry of the Gospel (within whom Trinity Anglican Church participates).  The list below is not exhaustive of all those with whom the Province serves the Lord.  However, under Canon I.7.2, the following entities have been recognized as having “a special relationship with the Province.”





LOCAL.  Trinity members partner with Freedom Home Health and Hospice Care Services of Marysville, CA.  We currently have many volunteers involved in Hospice patient and family care, staff support and administrative duties.  Additionally, there are volunteer veterans who visit and honor patients who are veterans.  Our current goal is to expand our volunteer base to the Oroville - Chico area to serve more Hospice patients.


We meet monthly to share, educate, and recognize our service to cultivate a growing family of well-equipped volunteers providing compassionate care for life”.




Marysville, California is a small city located at the confluence of the Yuba and Feather Rivers in the Gold Country region of Northern California, about 40 miles north of Sacramento, the state capital.  It is the county seat of Yuba County, California and has a population of approximately 12,000. 


Marysville is a “twin city” to Yuba City which is located just across the Feather River toward the west.  Yuba City is the county seat of Sutter County, California, and has a population of approximately 70,000.  Together, Marysville and Yuba City make up an area popularly known as the Yuba-Sutter community.  Climate of the Yuba-Sutter area is characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, moist winters typical of the California Central Valley.  The area is composed of three general physiographic regions:  the valley, foothills, and mountains.  Traditionally, the Yuba-Sutter area has attracted agricultural-based industries and has relied on these types of industries for employment. 

Also, since the 1940s, Beale Air Force Base has been a major employer of both military and civilian personnel.  Other employers include two hospitals, elementary, middle, and high schools, Yuba College, retail shopping and eateries, City and County offices and the California Department of Transportation.


Growth in Yuba-Sutter has primarily been in the Yuba City area.  The City of Marysville is quiet and has a lot of potential but hasn’t grown as of late due to unfunded resource needs and lack of interest of developers.  Housing growth has blossomed south of the city in the communities of Linda and Plumas Lake.


The Yuba-Sutter area is a great family-friendly and affordable place to live.  It has a pleasant mix of urban amenities and rural charm and is close to many larger cities, such as Sacramento and San Francisco, and the beautiful Lake Tahoe area.


Local points of interest and activities include the Sutter Buttes (the smallest mountain range in the world), Bok Kai Temple, Ellis Lake, Mary Aaron Memorial Museum, and the Toyota Amphitheater, among others.  Annual community events include the popular Bok Kai parade and annual Christmas parade, the Sikh festival, and the Yuba-Sutter Fair that are all well supported.  




In five years, we expect Trinity to have grown in congregation size and demographic distribution amongst the membership, significantly increased our overall community outreach activity, and expanded our members involvement in their respective neighborhoods, as stated in the following.




  • Overall congregation membership to double current level

  • New membership to have balanced demographics, consisting of young, middle-aged adults and the elderly population along with families with children.

  • Expand our youth ministry to be a significant part of church services and activities.  



  • Be more involved with charitable activities and organizations within the greater Yuba Sutter area to extend our service to the needy within our community.

  • Continued involvement in Veteran’s support activities and participation in Hospice care.


  • Encourage all Trinity church members to show Christian hospitality in their local neighborhoods.


In all, we want Trinity Anglican Church to be a major force in the community for spreading the goodwill of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



HISTORY OF TRINITY ANGLICAN CHURCHOur Trinity Church was started in 2006 by a group of parishioners who decided to leave the Episcopal Church because of an ecclesiastical split and become part of the newly formed Anglican Church of North America.


Our first church building was a small office facility in Yuba City, California. Even though small, we were able to have regular Sunday and midweek services, accommodating more than 45 members.  Our pastoral staff consisted of 2 Pastors and 1 deacon, all of whom were founding members of the church.  Even though we were small, our congregation had a high level of enthusiasm and exhibited it in everything we did.  We held our first service on Sunday, August 27, 2006.  Since then, we’ve held regular Sunday and mid-week services.


After several years in our small office facility, we decided to search for a bigger venue and ended up sharing a larger church facility with a local Lutheran Church. However, because in this arrangement we were limited to just 8:30 AM services on Sunday that severely restricted our ability to grow our congregation, we eventually decided that we wanted our own church and proceeded to look in the surrounding area for a suitable church we could afford. After considerable effort from the Vestry and Pastoral staff, we decided on our current location in Marysville at 929 11st. which we purchased it in 2012 and, after much renovation by our congregation members, were able to hold our Consecration service in December 2013.


Since then, Trinity has become an active parish within the Marysville - Yuba City area with significant outreach programs and an active “Kids Ahead” program that has reached many families within the region. Our church is open to all who seek fellowship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Anglican Relief and Development Fund  


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